Marine Electronics & Monitoring Systems
Marine electronics

Barry Clark Marine can design, supply and install a full marine electronics package for your boat. We can carry out a full installation of new equipment, or interface new equipment with old where possible. We can design and install systems monitoring equipment, video monitoring to allow you to keep an eye on critical equipment, or battery monitoring to ensure adequate power at all times.

Talk to us for before purchasing new equipment or making changes to your boat's electrical systems.

Satellite TV & Audio/Video Installations
satellite tv installations

Technology has come a long way since the first appearance of satellite domes on boats for the early Inmarsat communications systems. These days sattelite antenna domes on boats are common, but they are now smaller and used for entertainment rather than satellite phones, which are now not much bigger than a cell phone. Barry Clark Marine is experienced in the supply, installation and commissioning of satellite digital TV systems, from the antenna dome through antenna controllers and receiver/decoders to televisions and audio systems.

Corrosion Testing & Control
corrosion control

Galvanic Corrosion is corrosion on Steel & Aluminum vessels that can be identified as either areas of localized pitting to the hull plate, rudders, keels etc. or general errosion of the hull plating often occurring below the paint. On wood and GRP vessels corrosion can occur on the propellers, shafts, struts, steel keel or keel case, stern tubes and rudders. The effects of corrosion can vary from pitting of propellers and shafts to the decomposition of the alloy of propellers.

Stray Current Corrosion is the action of leaking electrical current as the result of a fault in the ships DC electrical system or a poorly designed system. It is highly unlikely that corrosion is caused by the AC shore power supply unless it occurs via the shore power earth connection.

Solutions - we can test and provide solutions for galvanic and stray current corrosion.

Charging System Diagnosis & Upgrades
charging systems

A common complaint on older or poorly designed boats is a lack of electrical power. "My batteries are always going flat" is a comment we hear frequently. Barry Clark Marine has many happy clients who have allowed us to re-design and upgrade their electrical system to overcome the problem of insufficent electrical power.

A correctly designed electrical system, and a good understanding of how to use that system efficiently, is important for trouble free boating.

Ask us for advice before purchasing new equipment or making changes to your boat's electrical systems.

Engine Electrical Systems
engine electrical systems

Whether it's a re-power, new installation, or just an upgrade or repair of existing engine electrics. Barry Clark Marine has the experience and expertise to advise you on the best options, then design and install a reliable, efficient and effective electrical system for your vessel's engine/s.

This can include, engine instruments, starting and charging systems, electronic engine controls, engine monitoring systems. Even closed circuit TV in the engine room to allow you to visually monitor engines, shaft seals, pumps, and other equipment.

An older vessel might need nothing more than a couple of instruments, warning lights, and a starting and charging system. An upgrade might involve conversion to electronic engine controls and all the latest technology. Whatever it is, talk to us before you do anything else.

Shore Power Installations & Testing
shore power installation, testing and certification

We design and install CERTIFIED 230 volt single phase or 400 volt multi-phase shore power systems. Generators, inverters, and battery charging systems, including CERTIFIED system design for new vessels as required by New Zealand law.

NOTE: The design and installation of these systems must be carried out in it's entirety by a registered electrician (preferably with marine experience). This includes installation of all cables and equipment.
** Penalties for non-compliance are severe. **

Barry Clark also carries out warrant of electrical fitness (WOEF) inspection and testing.

Water Maker Installations
watermaker installations

We supply and install water makers for yachts and launches of all sizes. We can offer a range of options for driving a water maker. 12 or 24 volts DC systems with electric pump, 230 volts AC systems with electric pump, or either of the former with engine driven pumps.

Systems Design & Installation, Re-fits & Upgrades
design and installation of new marine systems

Barry Clark Marine has been involved in many complete, and partial, re-fits. We are experienced in re-design of existing systems, and interfacing new with old. We can advise on system design and recommend suitable equipment for each application.

We design and install marine electrical systems, mechanical and electro-mechanical systems including 12 or 24 volt electrical systems and CERTIFIED 230 volt generating & shore power systems. Generators, Inverters, Battery charging systems, Engine controls, Gas detection & control, Lighting, Winching systems, Bilge pumping systems, Bilge water alarms. Marine electronics packages including Radar, GPS navigation systems, Wind gear, Auto pilot, Depth sounders and Fish finders, Equipment monitoring systems. Closed circuit television for engine room monitoring, docking, etc. Bow thrusters, Steering systems - hydraulic, cable, etc. Fuel systems. Plumbing systems.

Battery Testing & New Batteries
Hella Endurant marine and commercial batteries supplied by Barry Clark Marine. AGM, Gel, Lead acid.

Many good batteries are discarded because boat owners assume that the problems they are experiencing must be due to defective batteries, when in fact, the cause of their problems lies elsewhere. Sometimes the problem is a poorly designed system. A surprising number of electricians are not experienced or competent in system design. Sometimes the problem is a fault that is preventing the electrical system from producing the power required to keep things operating as they should. Whatever the problem, it is always more economical to seek the advice of an expert before replacing batteries. We can test your batteries and determine whether or not they do need to be replaced. Sometimes the problem is something that can be repaired for a fraction of the cost of new batteries. A lack of understanding, and sometimes long held incorrect beliefs about electrical systems, has cost many boat owners considerably more than they needed to spend to remedy a problem.    Contact us before replacing batteries.

Below Waterline Maintenance
below waterline maintenance of pleasure boats and commercial vessels. corrosion control & prevention.

Zinc anodes, rudder alignment, propeller maintenance, trim tab repair & maintenance, corrosion testing and prevention, protective coatings, etc. Contact us before you haul your boat out for maintenance.

Boat Handling, Systems Operation
& Emergency Repairs Tuition
For new and inexperienced boat owners we offer one-on-one tuition in:
  • Boat handling
  • Navigation
  • On-board systems operation (Radar, GPS, Mechanical & Electrical Systems, etc.)
  • Boat maintenance
  • Emergency repairs
  • Rules and regulations
  • Meteorology (weather)


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