Shore Power Connection Locking Devices


Disconnection of the shore power supply to a vessel, or theft of power from a metered supply can be a problem for boat owners.

If the vessel's shore power supply is disconnected by someone wanting access to power, then subsequently not reconnected, the result is often a freezer that thaws wasting food. A battery charger that can no longer keep batteries charged. An inverter that tries to maintain the AC power supply to the vessel by drawing off the ships batteries and eventually flattening them. Or any number of other undesirable consequences. Some vessels, because of the earthing requirements for inverters and generators, will trip an RCD breaker if the power isn't restored to the vessel in a particular sequence.

These are all inconvenient consequences that can be easily avoided. The illustrations here show a locking device for common 16 amp, 3 pin, IP67 rated, marina shore power outlets complying with IEC-60309. First designed in 2001 for a different application, these devices have been proven to provide an effective deterrent against unauthorised use of a shore power supply. These devices are also available to fit other outlet and plug types.

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These locking devices are PATENT PROTECTED

These locking devices and variations of this design working on the same or simialr principal are patent protected.
Design protection WILL be enforced to the full extent of the law.

A common marina shore power outlet

This is a 16 amp, single phase, IP67 rated, Marina Shore Power Outlet. This outlet complies with IEC-60309 as required by New Zealand Electricity Regulations.

Locked marina shore power outlet

This image shows a marina shore power outlet complying with IEC-60309, locked with a model: POL163 locking device

Locked marina shore power outlet with plug connected

This image shows a marina shore power outlet and connected plug, both complying with IEC-60309, locked with a model: POL163 locking device

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