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  12 volt lead acid battery charge bar graph

  24 volt lead acid battery charge bar graph

  12 volt AGM battery charge bar graph

  24 volt AGM battery charge bar graph

  230/240 volt AC loads converted to battery drain

  Battery charging - Important information

  Understanding & managing AC power consumption

  What is a connectable installation

  Victron brand inverter use

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Barry Clark Marine
PO Box 153
Waimauku 0842
New Zealand

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Barry Clark Marine provides a wide range of services for commercial and pleasure craft, covering switch boards, electronics, navigation equipment, radar, GPS, depth sounders, fish finders, chart plotters, speed logs, wind speed and wind direction instruments, VHF, SSB, MF HF radios, weather fax, satellite and cellular phones, intercoms, charging systems, starting systems, inverters, communications equipment, entertainment systems, bilge pumps, bilge alarms, navigation lights, cabin lights, blowers, fans, shore power systems, equipotential bonding. Testing and correction of galvanic corrosion, electrolysis, stray current corrosion. Engine servicing, fuel systems, pumping systems, steering systems, plumbing, LPG gas control and detection equipment. New boats, servicing, re-fits, repairs, Warrant of electrical fitness inspection and testing.

Barry Clark Marine. West Park Marina, West Auckland, New Zealand. Marine Electrical, Warrant of Electrical Fitness inspections, Marine Electronics, Hydraulic Systems, Control Systems, Engine Controls, Certified Shore Power Systems, Charging Systems, Genset Installation and Servicing, Generator installation and Servicing, Water Makers installation, more than 40 years experience, Alternators, Starter Motors, Electrolysis and galvanic corrosion testing, protection and prevention.